Whether it’s,
Congratulating a new promotion..
Wishing good luck to a new bride & groom..
welcoming a new home owner..
celebrating Holidays.

Whether you’re giving,
Expensive wine or champagne..
Exotic chocolates..
Important jewelry..
any gift worthy of the best attention.


Cradle your gift appropriately with

Leather Royal

Handcrafted Leather Gift Boxes

Special moments deserve special attention to detail.


Why Handmade Matters

Everything in the world nowadays is mass produced. Nothing is wrong with that. Mass production is done in order to meet the demands worldwide.

But it’s also amazing that most people are beginning to support products that are handmade in small quantities. In case you have no idea, here is why things made by hand matters.

1.Handmade Is The New American Manufacturing

Supporting handmade products gives people a new job and hope in life. It contributes to gradually making our nation a better place.

2. It Values Creativity.

A person leaves a part of his self in his craft when he makes something. When we buy something handmade, we choose that specific product because we like its beauty and appreciate how it is done.

3. There Is Joy, Honor And Respect In Making Handmade Items.

Handmade products are usually created by people in a space where there is joy, honor and respect. Those values can be seen in how the products are carefully made. By knowing how an item was thoroughly done, the owner would take special care of that item.

4. Some Handmade Items Cannot Be Duplicated.

Handmade items cannot be exactly alike. There is always a difference in shading, texture and color. Every single handmade item is unique.

5. When An Item Is Made With A Heart, Everything In It Is Beautiful.

People oftentimes go for something that is done through hard work and creativity.


Hand Painted And Crafted Wine Glasses For Every Special Occasion

Take a moment to have a look at these beautifully crafted wine glasses by Cheekvino Designs. Each glass is painstakingly painted to perfection with immense attention to detail. If you’re struggling to find something for Christmas, look no further than these novelty, personalised Christmas wine glasses by Cheekyvino Designs.

They have a wide range of hand painted wine glasses including their very popular ‘Bath Range’. As well as those, they cater for weddings as well. With 5 star reviews and feedback, it’s no wonder these products are flying off the shelves. Be sure to check them out soon, before it’s too late!